4 things you must do after sex

4 things you must do after sex |Adult sex toys in Gurgaon

4 things you must do after sex |Adult sex toys in Gurgaon |9988696992

What do you do after sex? Sounds like a crazy question? Well, may be, as we do pay a lot of attention and focus on what we are doing while doing it but hardly bother to care about what we do next. However, experts say that what you do post sex tells a lot about how good your sexual health is and how healthy can you be. Here are some things that you should absolutely do after making love.

Urinate once it is over:

You must pee after sex as that prevents women from contracting urinary tract infection. According to experts, urinating helps in flushing out germs that seep in your body while having sex.

Clean gently:

After sex, clean up your private parts and that too very gently. do not use fragrant soaps and strong vaginal washes while wiping your vagina as it can irritate your soft, female parts. Avoid vaginal douching and pat it dry before you head back to bed.

Check for signs of bleeding or pain:

This is important, and you got to keep a check on whether there is any sign of bleeding or pain post sex as that may indicate a lot of things like an infection or friction due to the condom.

Drink some cranberry juice:

Drinking this post sex can lower chance of a urinary tract infection. Studies have proved that cranberry can fight against bacteria and prevent you from contracting infection.


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