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Early morning sex: Not just gives you pleasure but also a healthy body

Early morning sex: Not just gives you pleasure but also a healthy body |Sex toys store at Mumbai |9988696992

What if an expert tells you to skip your cardio in the morning and have a rocking round of early morning sex to stay fit? Sounds amazing, isn’t it. It is a fact. Three rounds of morning sex a day can amp up your heart’s health, according to a research conducted by Queen’s University in Belfast. Feeling great? Wait, that’s not the end of it. Early morning sex has a wide range of health benefits. Stay tuned and know about them.

It enhances blood circulation:

Morning sex improves your blood circulation, thereby curbing blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Why go for any other ways of keeping your blood pressure in check when you have the most appeasing option of having it with your significant other?

It reduces diabetes risk:

Morning sex works wonder when it comes to keeping diabetes level in check. Researches and studies say that having sex in the morning enables you in flushing out 300 calories in an hour, thereby keeping diabetes in control.

It aids in curbing migraine attacks and pains:

If you are suffering from chronic migraine, morning sex can be the best option to beat it. Sex in the morning not only reduces acute migraine headaches but also lowers the frequency of migraine attacks. Instead of popping those pills that keep you tied to your bed the whole day, have sex once you wake up after a night’s sound sleep.

It provides relief from joint pains:

If you are a patient of arthritis, morning sex can be bliss. Try it out and see. You will get instant relief from pain, say doctors. Morning sex is the best medicine to ward off joint pains and arthritis.

It will give you a natural glow:

If you have an amazing round of sex in the morning, you may not have to spend a lot of time on synthetic cosmetics to make your skin glow. Morning sex works magic and gives you a glowing skin for the rest of the day.

It offers silky, shiny hair:

Early morning sex results in the release of sex hormones which, according to experts, is extremely beneficial for your hair. It guarantees silky, shiny hair. Begin the day with sex and enjoy your good hair day

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