Realistic Artificial Vagina And Anal Superior Silicone

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  • Brand Name: boy and girl
  • Item Type: Sex Dolls
  • Material: Superior Silicone
  • Model Number: Middle-sized Sex Doll
  • Weight: 1.1KG
  • Product Features : Double holes (vagina/ anal)
  • Size: 160/145/80mm(As Picture)

Product Use: Use water to clean, or use the 75% alcohol wipe disinfection, 

can match the condom or lubrication using this product.(Also can match shower gel and soap to use)
Note: Do not use hot water washing, ordinary water, avoid exposure.
[First] Our products will have a layer of white powder and oil, Which is specialized in order to protect the material (this is baby powder and BB cream),  don’t think this quality  problem,
then wash or shower gel washing can be, do not use alcohol disinfectant wash .
[Second] Use a condom, also can not, in the goods passage into the lubricant can
usually be enough direct smoothly into, if not reversed lubricants, such as engine
lack of oil, not only difficult to enter and pulling, it will cause the silica gel tear.
Everybody have a look male apparatus such as: evaluation and so on too tight,
it is difficult to enter, is too small, there is no reason not sufficient lubricant!


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