Considered a supplement that can help your sex life, so it doesn’t become monotonous. Both partners can find various forms of excitement and entertainment. Remember that sex should be a fun experience for the benefit of its participants.

Not long ago the options for sex toys were few and far between, and let’s face it, boring. Currently, women and men want more objects in which to find sexual satisfaction. This high demand has meant that there are lots of toys of different shapes, sizes and functions that can bring unimaginable enjoyment during sexual intercourse.


Sex toys are also a means of self-satisfaction. They are used to enhance sexual pleasure during masturbation.

There is no reason to feel shame when buying or using erotic toys as it’s for the benefit of your health and your intimate partner.


  • • When you decide to use sex toys remember that none are better than the others, there are just different tastes, and everyone needs to find their style to fit their requirements.
  • • Don’t use toys in the genital area exclusively. Be creative! A vibrator is an excellent massager. Run it across the skin and erogenous zones for some massage.
  • • Try to familiarize yourself with the toy before you use it for the first time. Observe, touch, feel it with your partner.
  • • Know that toys by themselves do not give any pleasure. You must be excited to use them, relaxed, take control, free your mind to fantasize and get carried away by desire.



Chinese balls (Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls) are two spheres that contain within themselves a smaller ball, and connected by a cord, which can be inserted into the vagina.

When the woman walks, or moves, both balls collide with each other, producing a smooth and pleasant continuous stimulation. The vagina expands and thus increases natural lubrication.

They also serve to combat urinary incontinence, through pelvic floor exercises. It is not recommended to wear them for more than 2 hours at a time, to avoid possible sexual dysfunction.

There are several sex toys of this kind on the market; some even have electronic devices, ranging from vaginal, anal and “punishment” balls. There are now even some with vibrators inside them with a remote control.

The punishment balls tend not to have a smooth surface but come with individual spikes and bumps that produce different sensations.

As a sexual game, there is also the option of using the remote control if you are in a public place while she tries to control her bodily reactions to avoid being discovered.


These are sex toys with two to six balls that are about 2 cm in diameter held together by a rope lubricated and introduced into the anus.

Once inside, the person can take them out slowly, one by one, or remove them all in one pull. Some people prefer to leave them in while waiting for an orgasm to be removed simultaneously.

Many women also use them in their vagina. If the balls have been in the anus, they should be washed thoroughly before being introduced into the vagina, always with mild soap and warm water.


An inflatable doll is a male or female-shaped erotic toy. There are more common sex toys that emulate female bodies, these are called ‘sex doll’ or ‘real doll’, and can be full body or just the area of the pelvis.

You will find strategic holes in the mouth, vagina and anus, which, in some cases, include the possibility of vibration.

You may also acquire, in sex shops, models of the male body endowed with larger sized penises fabricated with hard and resistant materials, which are also very pliable and soft to the touch.


These sex toys have two purposes, to create a larger penis size without resorting to extravagant or painful methods, and they also give the vagina a stronger feeling, because they come with a series of protrusions that help to rub the entire G-spot and clitoris.

There are many shapes, with curved tips, with balls, and anything you can think of for that matter! They’re made from latex, silicone, plastic or gelatin.


Vibrators are considered by many as one of the best sex toys out in the market. Used during sexual intercourse and or for masturbation. It is a sex toy sometimes shaped like a penis that also vibrates to increase pleasure and resemble reality.

The vibrator can be used according to each person’s taste; it doesn’t just have to be a complement to sexual penetration. It can be used to play with around erogenous zones to increase desire and arousal.

The lubricants used should be water-based to enhance sexual pleasure and avoid damage to silicone based toys.


The dildo is perhaps one of the best-selling sex toys in the world. There are some dildos that once in the vagina or anus, make a series of movements and are able to give the perfect orgasm.

Dildos are for any sexual preference, and any fantasy. Usually found in silicone or gelatin, medium or large, smooth or rough for greater stimulation. Flashy colors, flavors, with or without vibrators, with bent tip, especially to better reach the G spot or if preferred, completely straight. Some are single or double for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration and even waterproof so they can be submerged in water.


Cones are also known by as plugs for anal sex used by men and women who enjoy anal stimulation. These cones or plugs- have a feature of gradually dilating the anus, as the name says. It has a conical shape, and its size varies considerably. There are plugs with different sized thickening to stimulate specific points in the anal cavity. Some plugs include vibration.

They should be used with water-based lubricants and cleaned deeply with warm water and soap after each use.


The penis ring, also known as -cock ring- was mainly created as a method to maintain longer lasting erections, especially in the existence of a disorder.

Its use is very simple: the ring is placed at the base of the penis, seeking to hold either the scrotum or testes. It thereby prolongs erections by retaining blood inside the penis, which can help delay ejaculation.

Today we can find a variety of sex toys based on the penis ring; there are models that come with an incorporated vibrating clitoral stimulator. They are also manufactured in all shapes, colors, textures and sizes, as well as materials such as leather, rubber, silicone or latex, among others.

What you do have to consider is choosing the right size, because, logically, if it has too much pressure, it will cut off circulation completely. That can prevent the penis from achieving an erection, and if it is too loose will not produce the desired effect, which we all know is a lasting hard-on that will please both partners.

On the issue of time of use, it is best not to use it for more than thirty minutes at a time. With any sign of discomfort, however slight, it must be removed immediately to avoid any complications.


This sex toy consists of a ring designed to fit the around the base of the penis and by vibrating, produces the right stimulus for both parties involved. This attractive vibration occurs through a tiny vibrator contained in a capsule in the ring. This function lasts about 20 minutes.

The function of this device is to benefit both partners and enjoy sex in a different way.

They can be used in two ways:

  • • Vibrating Condoms: the vibrating ring is placed on the condom when the penis is erect, and it’s placed on the top of the penis.
  • • Lone ring without condom: Turn the vibrator on to begin the vibration and place on top of the penis or the base of the shaft, whichever is to your liking.


  • • Harnesses: In addition to an aesthetic function, these are used by those who want to be dominant or those who want to be sex slaves.
  • • Bracelets and collars: They are usually made out of leather, steel or other metals that can immobilize hands, feet or the head.
  • • Corsets: Are very exciting to look at and promote the female figure. Some people enjoy seeing their partner in one of these to an extreme. The preferred material for these accents is leather.
  • • Ropes: The purpose of these is not to hurt, but to immobilize and thus create an increased excitement and feeling of domination.
  • • Whips: They are a favorite in sadomasochistic practices. They are used to hit the skin causing pain and letting the receiver feel dominated or who is whipping feel powerful.
  • • Masks: There is something for everyone. Some have gags; others cover the mouth area with a zipper. Some partly conceal facial expressions, thereby creating a sense of mystery.
  • • Gags: Aim to reduce the moans and verbal communication to a minimum. There are ball shapes and penis shapes that sit between the teeth; they usually have a band that fits around the back of the head to hold them in place.


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